Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Bog challenge 5/19-5/25

Lin Collette from rhodyart says
Continuing on the gift giving theme, a friend of mine is celebrating a birthday this week, so what gift(s) would you give to a good friend who is celebrating a birthday (male or female)

Here are 3 things I might give

Tinker and Tailor avatar
Lin Collette from rhodyart says
great hammer up above
Let's see, this is cute

Adrienne LaVallee avatar
Gorgeous green shawl for summer beach nights

Kris from MapleStreetShoppe says
My birthday is in July. Yup , I'm a crab LOL
I would love to get this for my birthday.

Denise Roberge avatar
I would love to give (or receive!) just about anything from Joy’s shop, but this is a current favorite of mine:



Sam Squailia said...

This is so awesome how you were able to copy over the thread postings!~!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the post! So many wonderfully creative people in New England!