Monday, March 25, 2013

Ever heard the term 
"madder than a March hare?" 
I have (my mom said it often).
 It has to do with rabbits 
going bonkers around this time of year. 
They feel the call of spring just as strongly 
as everyone and everything else - 
perhaps more so.
 Creatures of all kinds feel the tremors
 of springtime's return and respond to it in wild courtship. 
It's a celebration of life, and bunnies bounce 
right back into the swing of spring.

Last weeks blog challenge was to find 
critters who will be out and about 
( and out of our cellars) for spring!

These are the glorious spring picks from our team!

USA Antique Silver Rabbit 
Alice in Wonderland Necklace 

Novelty Home Country Decor

Bird Print Monotype "Sparrow on a Branch" 

Bumblebee Print Monoprint with Red Background

Bunny Felted Ponytail Holder Pink 

Easter Hair Bow 4 inch stacked hair bow 
in pink, green, orange

Catnip toy cat bird toy - bird cat toy - multicolor bird

Bird's Nest and Robin's Eggs, Blue - 8x10 Art Photo

Lady Bug - Green, Black and Red -
 5x5 Retro Square Metallic 

Decorative Pillow / Spring Pillow / Cabin Pillow / 16"

Tree of Life Pendant with Bird 

Catnip Mouse Kit  

Large Snake Charm Necklace 

Little Blue Bird - Glass Pendant 
in an Antique Gold or Shiny

Bird Pendant - Snowy Cardinal - Glass Pendant
 in Silver Bezel

white rabbit. 

Cardinal Red Bird Door Knocker 
Primitive Rustic Folk Art

Swan Reflections - Original Watercolor, Unframed 

Monday, March 18, 2013

OH !! He is too cute!!!

The lovely Jan of Four Winds Farms 
is having a giveaway for this adorable needle felted sheep

2 Weeks until the drawing for this little felted sheep. I've been collecting the names and assigning numbers so I can use my random number generator app! I hope your number is lucky! Remember- To get in the drawing, become a fan of Four Winds Farm Maine by liking the page and comment on the sheep so I know you would like to win it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Searching for Spring

Mar. 11 - Good Monday morning everyone!

I have decided that we shall stray from our team members this week and go in search of Spring throughout Etsy!

Here is my Spring choice to start us off -

Wedding Bouquet - Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Spring Crocus Memory Wire Bracelet - Blue Purple Yellow White and Green Flower Beads with Crystal Accents - Handmade Jewelry

Flower Hair Clip, Blue Silk and Organza Layered Flower with Elegant Rhinestone Center Hair Clip - baby child toddler girl flower Clip

Thanks Den & Lin for participating in this weeks Blog Challenge!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rhode Island Team Blog Challenge

March 4 -  Good morning everyone! The first Monday in March has dawned with light snow here in Maine and what better way to spend a little inside time than with a Blog Challenge!

This week we will search for our Rhode Island Team members in a bit of a different way - we will spell out "RHODE" with their products. I will start the Challenge with this "RED" walker caddy 

Walker Caddy with Five Pockets (Great for Nursing Home Residents)
To view all the products included in this challenge, go to the NECTAR Team Challenge page.

Vermont Blog Challenge

Feb 25 - This weeks Team Blog Challenge is focused on our Vermont members. Search our Team members and post an item from your favorite Vermont shop!

I will begin with this awesome lampshade - to me it tells a story each time the lamp is turned on! 

Vintage Middlebury College Postcard Shade